Welcome to AudioCompass™

Radio networks, radio stations, and remote broadcasters need a new, reliable technology; a.k.a. Audio Over Internet Protocol (AOIP)!

Imagine a GUI based point-to-point software solution, Single EXE Application with no dependencies, that supports mono and stereo, remote control of serial devices, in a one-time purchase application.

Allow AudioCompass™ to transfer low-delay, crystal-clear audio over the Internet from one location to another.

If you can browse the web, you can go live with AudioCompass™. After initial setup, one-click and you're ON AIR.

AudioCompass™ is the perfect software solution for your remote broadcasting needs.

Consider AudioCompass for sporting events, live remotes, remote talk show hosts, pre-recorded broadcasts/soundbites from the field and MORE!

Note: AudioCompass™ licensing consists of one user license per machine.

To Go Live with AudioCompass, you need two licensed copies of the software at a minimum – one license for each end of the connection.

Purchase AudioCompass™ Direct Connect TODAY through your favorite Broadcast Equipment Supplier.